Wine Tasting with Christine…

It is rather ironic that after a full day of wine tasting, the only good picture I have to show for it is this one, which was taken by my sister-in-law Christine!  These sheep are next door to Anne Amie, which is where we finished the day, but maybe I should start at the beginning!  We started our day at Arbor Brook:

It was pretty quiet today so Christine and I had the pleasure of visiting at length with Mary Hansen, the co-owner of Arbor Brook.  She is delightful and energetic, and so is her young daughter Sydney, who also visited with us.  I am hoping to be able to pour for Arbor Brook over Thanksgiving weekend.  All of the wines were wonderful, but both Christine and I favored the 2007 Heritage Cuvee.   I don’t know what the distribution of this Pinot Noir will be, but if you can get your hands on some, I highly recommend it!   I will have to start taking better tasting notes, but I can tell you this was my favorite wine of the day.

Our second stop was Penner-Ash Cellars, never a disappointment!

They were busy with crush as well, so I didn’t get to visit with Lynn, the winemaker, or Natalie, the tasting room manager, but the staff were very friendly and helpful.  (And Lynn did wave as she scurried through at one point.)  Christine and I focused on the Pinots, as there were so many to try.  I think we both liked the Carabella Vineyard and the Seven Springs Vineyard the best.  Its sad to say, this is the last year of the Seven Springs Vineyard for both Penner-Ash and Bethel Heights.  We will miss it!

Our third stop was at The Tasting Room in Carlton.

Sara was kind enough to hold some Bingo for me (EIEIO), and Christie was working this day and introduced us to some lovely wines.  Christine and I both purchased a bottle of the Ayres.  They have a good selection of wines available both at their shop and online.

At this point we needed to stop for a bite before we tasted further, so being in Carlton, we naturally stopped into The Horse Radish.

This is a fun little wine and cheese bar with live music on Fridays and Saturdays.  We indulged in a cheese tray, as well as some wonderful warm Asiago cheese dip with chips.  We also tried Purple Hands, the wine that was created by Ken Wright’s son Cody.  It was very good!  In fact, when we were in The Tasting Room, a couple came in and asked for it.  For more on that:

Last, but not least, we headed to Anne Amie Vineyards.

It will always be a favorite of both Christine and I.  (Anyone know where I can get a bottle of 2003 Hawksview? - Christine’s favorite!)  The people there are wonderful, the view is breathtaking, and the wines never disappoint!  We ran into a couple from California there that had followed us from Penner-Ash to The Horse Radish.  They asked where to go next, and we both said Anne Amie!  We were tickled when we arrived to find them there and buying wine.

I had my camera with me all day, and somehow never took any pictures until the end, when we happened upon these cute sheep as we were leaving Anne Amie.  Oh well, next time I will take more pics!

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  1. Bob Whaley Says:

    Nice to see your postings. My wife and I looked for you at the Portland blogging event but did not see you.
    Keep writing.

    I have much to learn about Pinot Noir but I really enjoy reading about the discoveries you have made.